PR, marketing, events, communication

I finished my studies at College of Communication and Business in Budapest (Hungary), on the academic specialisation of communication and media science. My chosen specialization was Corporate and Institutional Communication. The main topic of my thesis was the motivation within the organization.
First I came to the Costa del Sol more then 4 years ago with my friends to work here during the summer, but then I couldn’t go back to Hungary for good, ’cause I felt I am home already. I had some unfinished responsabilities there so I was moving back and forward a couple of times till finally I moved here 2 years ago.

I’d like to work in an area, where I am able to make good use of my technical knowledge in Marketing Communications, and I may expand my experiences. I would be able to help the work of a creative group with my existing knowledge and I would love to be near the fire as part of a party and event planning and organization company. I’m responsible and I like to work independently as well.

You can find me on Facebook:
Please contact me with any PR, marketing, event planning jobs! 🙂

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