The power of written words!

When you read a newspaper, a magazine or even just a post on Internet you take it as obvious truth. Ok, sometimes it sounds really impossible and you start thinking, but normally you accept it.

This has psychological reasons but surely you’ve heard about the “Law of Attraction”, the Secret or other techniques to programming your future. Wait a minute! Let’s think backwards…

If what you believe really happens… and what you read you can believe easier, then here’s a simple proposal for you:

Think about that for a few minutes, where are you going now, then take a piece of paper and write down a few things you desire. You don’t have to think about how or if you could reach these aims, rely on your feelings, your internal voice, or just imagine a better future for yourself.

Now write like this:

“I lost 10 kg.
I have a car.
I am on vacation.
I’m in a good mood.”

It is important that you formulate your words as if you have already had these things! Put this piece of paper in your wallet, and take it with you everywhere. Occasionally pull it out and take a look at it for a few minutes.

Not a big deal, not difficult, not expensive, right? Will it work for you?
Try it!


Interest-based advertising is more then targeted

We all know Facebook can target advertising according the informations we provide by ourselves. Age, gender, schools, workplaces, geography informations, marital status and all interests are being monitored to do this. When you advertise on Facebook, you can also chose if you want people see your advert who already like your page or only for those friends, etc. What about other websites? Can you target your ads with the same efficiency? It is right at your doorstep!


Have you seen the AdChoice Icon (Advertising Options Icon)? This is a sign that companies are trying to make the adverts you see the best possible reflect of your online interests.
Wherever companies are engaged in interest-based advertising, wherever you’ll find online ads or banners, you will find the AdChoices icon. You don’t have to do anything to get interest-based advertising anymore. It’s already happening.

Well, it’s deffinitelly helping those companies advertising, but what about the consumers? What if this kind of information gathering is too much? I think there could be written dozen of thesises on the topic of “The effects of information flow on personality by age.”
Just the other day I heard someone saying “I’m not doing Facebook, I don’t need it because I have too much emails already”

Anyhow.. personally, I’m a little bit afraid from this boundless control on my surfing on the Web, but until I see the opportunity to control it myself I rather identify it to be a good thing and beneficial to both parties!

What if you don’t want your informations to be gathered?
It is your choice. You can take control of whether you get these types of ads.

To learn about the companies using the AdChoices icon – about the companies that provide interest-based ads on the sites you visit – click here! You can also visit at any time to check up on the status of your choices. But don’t forget, you will see adverts through browsing the Internet anyway. The question is: Will those be of your interest?