Introducing …

I am featured member on Costa Women – Social and Business Networking Community‘s website this week. If you don’t have acces to the site, you can read my interview here as well.

50 shades of pink, being “Socially Addicted” and organising Singles Parties in Marbella

Introducing … Bea Gyutai

Why Spain?

First I came to the Costa del Sol with friends in 2008 to work here during the summer, but soon I felt that I’m home already. I had some unfinished responsibilities in Hungary so I was moving back and forward till finally I moved here 2 years ago.

Before Spain you were…

I finished my studies at College of Communication and Business in Budapest and besides I was working for an IT Company as customer service assistant, than as service coordinator for seven years. I always tried to get involved with the marketing group’s projects and I learned a lot about how different people can work together smoothly.

Your degree thesis was about motivating businesses – tell us more

My thesis was the motivation within the organization. This theme was always in the focus of my interest. How people are treated in their work? What managers can, should or shouldn’t do ensuring that their staffs achieve better results? One of the most important keys to success is motivation.

What is your favourite part of marketing and why?

What I like the most is diversity. The fact that new things can also be found and implemented. In my private life I always wish and aspire for stability, but if everything would be steady all the time I would be very bored. I love social media, it changes the rules. I like to think that I am creative 🙂

You are currently helping to promote the 50 Shades of Pink Evening in Marbella, tell us more about evening (any secrets you can share…. 😉

About that I can’t tell you the secrets; there wouldn’t be a surprise then. What is certain that we are preparing for one of the biggest events of the year in Marbella and it’s only January. 🙂 The better you feel, the more we can raise for the charitable purpose! You can help with being involved!

How can other members get involved in the night?

We will have a “pre-party” for our VIP guests. Cocktail competition with amazing prizes – you can buy as many entry cards as you like and guess away! Social Media competition; photos, tagging, tweets and more! Sales of our generous sponsors who donate part of the sales. All in aid of Positively Pink.

What has been your greatest challenge, whether personal or business?

When I finally moved here with my daughter, she was 10 months old. It was quite a challenge travelling alone with two big suitcases, hand luggage, a pram (with carrier) and a baby, especially at the security check at the airport… The joke aside, it wasn’t easy to arrange things with so little knowledge of Spanish, but in the end it worked! She loves nursery and is already speaking better Spanish then I do. 🙂 It all definitely worth it!

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Not to be mad about anything. After all we all try to do our best that we believe is for the better.
That when we forgive others we find peace in ourselves and so we can move forward with our lives. (This is my grandmother’s wisdom.)

You are also organising Singles Parties in Marbella with a first party in February – tell us more?

This is my new project with Emilia Wojcik. Our first event, called First Singles Party, will take place on the 9th February at 21:00 at Güey Restaurant & Skybar. It’s NOT only for singles! With this event we would like to start a Fun Party Series in Marbella! Are you coming?

Share your singles experience and why you wanted to set up the Parties and events?

I feel good now as single and funny but I don’t really have time to think about dating. My friends make fun of me saying I’m organising this event for myself 🙂 Believe it or not, event organization has always been in a special corner of my heart. I was already thinking about organising a love-network event when Emily told me about her plan and asked me to work with her. I couldn’t say no to her!

Your dinner table of 6, who would you invite to dinner and why?

I’m a bit sentimental, so from my own history I would invite my mom and my grandma. I think they would enjoy the company of Omar Sharif and Paul Newman. Just to be 6 and well, I couldn’t stay without partner for a nice conversation either, I would invite Orlando Bloom as well.
I’m definitely a good matchmaker, don’t you think? 😉

If you could achieve one spectacular thing in one day what would it be?

I’d like to travel on a tram in San Francisco and walk across the Golden Gate once (well, hopefully someone would give me a ride backwards :-)).

Share one secret obsession or guilty pleasure

If I’m at home my notebook is on all day, even if I’m not working. I’m online 24/7 on my phone. Since I had my first mobile – maybe 15 years ago – I’ve never turned it off (except when I’m traveling on a plane). “Socially addicted”?! So creating and working on website was a real pleasure to me and I’m looking forward the “social flurry” on the night!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? (either personally or for business)

As technology progress, now unimaginable all the things what we will have to manage. This will be instrumental in our profession and also means we can never stop learning. I hope in the next years I will still enjoy life and will be able to run my business with success, very likely in Spain.

How do we find out more about your business, your events and the parties.

You can find me on my websiteFacebook pageTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn as well.
The rest is yet to come!

Thanks Bea!

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