What do you think about creativity? How would you describe?
What circumstances awake your creativity?

Thinking outside of the box

In the beginning of the project Thinking outside of the boxwe were curious – what is creativity anyways… Moreover, what individuals think about creativity? That’s why we have launched a survey which aimed to map ‘our’ relation towards creativity, our creative self.
The questionnaire contained questions like “what do you think creativity is”, “what was the last time you’ve been creative and what did you do”, “what colors, shapes, scents symbolizes creativity”, “what circumstances awake your creativity”, statements to be rated linked to creativity, etc. The questionnaire was launched in all 6 partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Spain – in each language. On our 1st meeting we analyzed the results of the survey – although it is not representative, interesting outcomes can be observed.

As one of us have mentioned during the meeting there were so many similarities in the surveys from each country. What…

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