Is viral marketing something what infects you?

What is viral marketing and why it is important for – especially online – businesses? Simply the “word of mouth”. It is the act of promoting information or products that customers are willing to recommend to other friends, their family or colleagues.

viral marketing

Viral marketing can be very effective and possibly inexpensive way to generate lots of interest in your business or product. It can help in creating your brand image and reputation. A viral marketing campaign helps you to increase targeted traffic, your website can get more visitors and this way higher search rankings. Result can be really fast if the magic happens.

Can you just create a viral marketing effect?
A message can go “viral” due to people forwarding it to their friends or otherwise encouraging them to visit specific pages.


It’s a good way to connect your campaign with a popular video
(if you need some ideas, take a look at the Top 10 viral marketing campaign of all time, this way the message could spread rapidly. Be careful with regarding patent rights!

How to make content viral?
First of all, content must be sufficient to deliver the message. It has to be available for free. There’s 20 types of content (source that all of us are interested in, therefor more likely to be shared. These are contet that
– reminds us of the overlooked of forgotten “basics”
– gives us faith to believe for bigger things
– that inspires us to action
– that gives us a fresh point of view even about common things
– that reminds us that we matter
– reminds us that life is short
– that reminds us that dreams can come true
– that tells us a story
– that educates while entertaining us
– that makes us laugh or smile
– that has unexpected twists
– that surprises us
– that confirms our assumptions
– that challenges our assumptions
– that makes us cry (tears of sadness or joy)
– that reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind and encoruages us to live tha way
– that takes us along on a journey
– that reveals secrets
– that encoruages us to never give up
– that reminds us that there’s more

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