Build the brand of yourself as part of the image of your company

Building the brand of yourself… Does it mean to sell yourself, or to show and use your special knowladge/intuitions/strategy?

When your consumers see the image of your company but never see a face, it might seems professional but definately doesn’t feel personal to them. …and who do you want to sell your product or service if not to people? Other companies won’t be your consumers, but their decision-makers. They are humans, and when you interact with people they will build up an image of who you are. Do you want to be in control of all of those impressions?

Your personal brand is not only about who you are but also about what you want to be known for.

Meanwhile you are representing a company, it might be a good idea to try to stop selling as a company to the other one and bring a bit more personality in the procedure. Certainly important to tell the most important technical informations about your product, but possibly there are hundreds of other similar products or services like yours. To be different is the key when we make decisions about buying, so make sure you stand out from the crowd.

First of all you need to describing who you are and what you have to offer. Identify what or who your brand is for by considering what field or industry you are in and who your target audience is. Consider what do you have to offer and what do you do that makes you stand out from everyone else. All these together builds up Your brand and that has to communicate clearly who you are, it needs be simple and memorable, and it should feel inspiring.

If now you have something to think about, good! If you need any help with building your brand online, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Introducing …

I am featured member on Costa Women – Social and Business Networking Community‘s website this week. If you don’t have acces to the site, you can read my interview here as well.

50 shades of pink, being “Socially Addicted” and organising Singles Parties in Marbella

Introducing … Bea Gyutai

Why Spain?

First I came to the Costa del Sol with friends in 2008 to work here during the summer, but soon I felt that I’m home already. I had some unfinished responsibilities in Hungary so I was moving back and forward till finally I moved here 2 years ago.

Before Spain you were…

I finished my studies at College of Communication and Business in Budapest and besides I was working for an IT Company as customer service assistant, than as service coordinator for seven years. I always tried to get involved with the marketing group’s projects and I learned a lot about how different people can work together smoothly.

Your degree thesis was about motivating businesses – tell us more

My thesis was the motivation within the organization. This theme was always in the focus of my interest. How people are treated in their work? What managers can, should or shouldn’t do ensuring that their staffs achieve better results? One of the most important keys to success is motivation.

What is your favourite part of marketing and why?

What I like the most is diversity. The fact that new things can also be found and implemented. In my private life I always wish and aspire for stability, but if everything would be steady all the time I would be very bored. I love social media, it changes the rules. I like to think that I am creative 🙂

You are currently helping to promote the 50 Shades of Pink Evening in Marbella, tell us more about evening (any secrets you can share…. 😉

About that I can’t tell you the secrets; there wouldn’t be a surprise then. What is certain that we are preparing for one of the biggest events of the year in Marbella and it’s only January. 🙂 The better you feel, the more we can raise for the charitable purpose! You can help with being involved!

How can other members get involved in the night?

We will have a “pre-party” for our VIP guests. Cocktail competition with amazing prizes – you can buy as many entry cards as you like and guess away! Social Media competition; photos, tagging, tweets and more! Sales of our generous sponsors who donate part of the sales. All in aid of Positively Pink.

What has been your greatest challenge, whether personal or business?

When I finally moved here with my daughter, she was 10 months old. It was quite a challenge travelling alone with two big suitcases, hand luggage, a pram (with carrier) and a baby, especially at the security check at the airport… The joke aside, it wasn’t easy to arrange things with so little knowledge of Spanish, but in the end it worked! She loves nursery and is already speaking better Spanish then I do. 🙂 It all definitely worth it!

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Not to be mad about anything. After all we all try to do our best that we believe is for the better.
That when we forgive others we find peace in ourselves and so we can move forward with our lives. (This is my grandmother’s wisdom.)

You are also organising Singles Parties in Marbella with a first party in February – tell us more?

This is my new project with Emilia Wojcik. Our first event, called First Singles Party, will take place on the 9th February at 21:00 at Güey Restaurant & Skybar. It’s NOT only for singles! With this event we would like to start a Fun Party Series in Marbella! Are you coming?

Share your singles experience and why you wanted to set up the Parties and events?

I feel good now as single and funny but I don’t really have time to think about dating. My friends make fun of me saying I’m organising this event for myself 🙂 Believe it or not, event organization has always been in a special corner of my heart. I was already thinking about organising a love-network event when Emily told me about her plan and asked me to work with her. I couldn’t say no to her!

Your dinner table of 6, who would you invite to dinner and why?

I’m a bit sentimental, so from my own history I would invite my mom and my grandma. I think they would enjoy the company of Omar Sharif and Paul Newman. Just to be 6 and well, I couldn’t stay without partner for a nice conversation either, I would invite Orlando Bloom as well.
I’m definitely a good matchmaker, don’t you think? 😉

If you could achieve one spectacular thing in one day what would it be?

I’d like to travel on a tram in San Francisco and walk across the Golden Gate once (well, hopefully someone would give me a ride backwards :-)).

Share one secret obsession or guilty pleasure

If I’m at home my notebook is on all day, even if I’m not working. I’m online 24/7 on my phone. Since I had my first mobile – maybe 15 years ago – I’ve never turned it off (except when I’m traveling on a plane). “Socially addicted”?! So creating and working on website was a real pleasure to me and I’m looking forward the “social flurry” on the night!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? (either personally or for business)

As technology progress, now unimaginable all the things what we will have to manage. This will be instrumental in our profession and also means we can never stop learning. I hope in the next years I will still enjoy life and will be able to run my business with success, very likely in Spain.

How do we find out more about your business, your events and the parties.

You can find me on my websiteFacebook pageTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn as well.
The rest is yet to come!

Thanks Bea!

What do you think about creativity? How would you describe?
What circumstances awake your creativity?

Thinking outside of the box

In the beginning of the project Thinking outside of the boxwe were curious – what is creativity anyways… Moreover, what individuals think about creativity? That’s why we have launched a survey which aimed to map ‘our’ relation towards creativity, our creative self.
The questionnaire contained questions like “what do you think creativity is”, “what was the last time you’ve been creative and what did you do”, “what colors, shapes, scents symbolizes creativity”, “what circumstances awake your creativity”, statements to be rated linked to creativity, etc. The questionnaire was launched in all 6 partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Spain – in each language. On our 1st meeting we analyzed the results of the survey – although it is not representative, interesting outcomes can be observed.

As one of us have mentioned during the meeting there were so many similarities in the surveys from each country. What…

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Is viral marketing something what infects you?

What is viral marketing and why it is important for – especially online – businesses? Simply the “word of mouth”. It is the act of promoting information or products that customers are willing to recommend to other friends, their family or colleagues.

viral marketing

Viral marketing can be very effective and possibly inexpensive way to generate lots of interest in your business or product. It can help in creating your brand image and reputation. A viral marketing campaign helps you to increase targeted traffic, your website can get more visitors and this way higher search rankings. Result can be really fast if the magic happens.

Can you just create a viral marketing effect?
A message can go “viral” due to people forwarding it to their friends or otherwise encouraging them to visit specific pages.


It’s a good way to connect your campaign with a popular video
(if you need some ideas, take a look at the Top 10 viral marketing campaign of all time, this way the message could spread rapidly. Be careful with regarding patent rights!

How to make content viral?
First of all, content must be sufficient to deliver the message. It has to be available for free. There’s 20 types of content (source that all of us are interested in, therefor more likely to be shared. These are contet that
– reminds us of the overlooked of forgotten “basics”
– gives us faith to believe for bigger things
– that inspires us to action
– that gives us a fresh point of view even about common things
– that reminds us that we matter
– reminds us that life is short
– that reminds us that dreams can come true
– that tells us a story
– that educates while entertaining us
– that makes us laugh or smile
– that has unexpected twists
– that surprises us
– that confirms our assumptions
– that challenges our assumptions
– that makes us cry (tears of sadness or joy)
– that reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind and encoruages us to live tha way
– that takes us along on a journey
– that reveals secrets
– that encoruages us to never give up
– that reminds us that there’s more

If your organization needs help telling stories, you can contact me here to get started. Or find my facebook page

Crisis communication DOs and DON’Ts

Have you ever had negative comment or criticism? Did you know how should you reply? Do you have to answer at all? Do you need to give explanation for everything? Could you be more prepared before negative comments even appear on your site/blog/facebook page? If there is a forum where people can publicly criticize you or your business, you must go one step ahead!


> Respond needs to be fast. Don’t risk to seem uncaring and don’t keep secrets. “Facebook pages expect to be responded to within 24 hours and Twitter users within 2 hours”. However you must be quick try to be accurate and as factual as possible – don’t leave angry customers another reason to fight. Make sure to check the facts with your sources and if you’re not sure about the answer, at the very least say you are looking into it. Find the appropriate solution before you give the final answer.
> Flexiblity is a key. Complaint is not always 100% genuine (you need to consider its motivation). Don’t be desperate to please, but anxious to help.
>Don’t start the fights. Don’t get into online arguments, reather step back if possible and engage with the customer in a question, develop a reasonable solution.
>Admit if you have made a mistake. Be sincere. If the complaint is genuine, apology is indispensable. Without resolving the promlem, apology will mean nothing. As an organization it is also a good way of demonstrating your empathy to share what you have learnt through the experiences.
>Use language that is appropriate, “conversations among human beings sound human” Use customer’s names. “Dear customer” is not enough when personal attention is expected.
>Follow-up! Once you have responded, encourage deeper discussion on the topic. It will show that you care and are willing to listen. This way you can add value to conversations and re-build trust. People will notice that you really help them.
>Don’t censor. Charlie Pownall, senior communications specialist said “Realize that critical voices are a price of entry to the social web, and that deleting or demanding changes to negative posts can provide detractors with a powerful rhetorical weapon. Rather, always try to maintain the high ground, be seen to be responsive and listening and deploy a strong legal approach only as the final option: deleting content or threatening bloggers may simply result in the so-called ‘Streisand effect’ as complaints escalate and go viral.”

You can make a difference!

Social media makes this possible and we have a choice if we use these tools for short-term gain or think about long-term. People are always looking for more than an opportunity to show off and “following” can be an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. If you are present yourself/your products/your business online, this is your chance. If you start a blog and your story are interesting for other people, if you can bring them hope with making them feel like they’re not alone with their thoughts or problems they will stop to listen.


Everyone has a story that worth to tell!

Organisations has their images and messages as well. Just like everybody else, you need to tell yours to take a place in the minds of others (they will be potential buyers)! The question is how will you do that! “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Rudyard Kipling said. This is also true for the messages of organisations. It’s a little bit like raising a child. “If a story is not about the hearer he will not listen. And here I make a rule – a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last” – John Steinbeck

What’s going to make your story different? You need to be creative here and you need to be graphic designer, videographer and someone who can creatively share your stories or you need to invest if you can’t do it all alone! This investment can be the difference between success and failure. If your organization needs help telling stories, you can contact me here to get started.

So how will you make a difference in your world? Will you tell a story that worth remembering?