Never too late!

Many under 13’s use social network sites (although Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities requires users to be at least 13 years of age to creat an account). Is that mean some of us could be too old for Social Media?

Well, if you ever heard about the oldest facebook user, you wouldn’t think! Maria Colunia Seguar-Metzgar was born in 1907, now she has 85 friends on the social network.

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Social Media has changed the way people connect and share information. If you still just thinking about getting online with your business or if you think to have a simple business page on facebook is enough to reach your potential customers and you might can avoid connecting with other sites, consider this:
Your consumers use facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, LiveJournal, Orkut, Ning, Meetup, Badoo, just to mention the most populars (

Should you use them all already? How can you decide about where you want to show up, which are the most important and relevant for you personally, and for your business? “Be where they can find you!” is easy to say and it can be exhausting while you have to look after production, development and finance in the same time.

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